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25th-Aug-2009 11:54 am - First Challenge @ MM Icontest!
Hello all! The first icon challenge at monroe_icon is now open and ready for participants! Please come and share your creations with us! Click on the image below for more!

4th-Jul-2009 12:35 am - Gidget!
Sally Field is so cute.

Please comment!
Please credit if using, thanks!!

Sally Field as Gidget - Opening credits

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14th-Jun-2009 11:00 pm - 16 Black Sitting Icons

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11th-Jun-2009 06:01 pm - Marilyn Monroe Icontest!
As some of you may already know, monroe_stills, the MM icon contest, has been deleted. I was so disappointed to learn the news! So I decided to create a new one!

I've just, just created it, so it's pretty sparse right now, but please feel free to join and spread the word.
You don't need to be an iconmaker either, as you will still be able to vote in the challenges.
4th-Jun-2009 04:51 pm - Marilyn/Madonna
1-23 ~ Marilyn Monroe
24-34 ~ Madonna

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2nd-Apr-2009 10:53 pm - 18 "Let's Make Love" Icons

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30th-Mar-2009 10:54 pm - Nancy Drew Cover Icons!
I love the cover art of the old Nancy Drew books!
I should have made more. I probably will soon.

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31st-Oct-2008 06:12 pm - Award
Wasn't expecting this one! Weeee!!!
From monroe_stills

29th-Oct-2008 01:50 pm - New Award!
This was my first challenge entry for classicicontest
The Innocents is one of my favorite Creepers!

7th-Oct-2008 03:56 pm - Old Award
Here's an award from wayback. I love icontests! <3

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